Why Magento Structure Is Good So Far

To be fair you are going to take a look at both the positive and negative sides of working with a
framework that is structured like this. First, the reasons why this type of structure is good:
• Global changes are easy: Many of the changes you can make to any of Magento’s
files will affect multiple views. This allows you to quickly update graphics, logos,
and other items used within your theme by editing one file.
• Distinct file separation: Although Magento’s file structure can be a little excessive
at times, since each of the different sections is separate, it enables you to update
the files you need. For example, all of the checkout pages contact pages and
catalog pages are all grouped respectively. If you are updating images and colors
for your site, those files are grouped together in the skin folder.
• Rapid theme development: Since Magento employs a MVC structure it allows you
to develop, import, and export themes easily without ever having to affect
Magento’s core files.


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