Improving hunt formula in Magento

Magento’s hunt functionality is flattering epic true out of a box. Like a lot of thing’s in life, some excellent tuning is required.

When we login to your Admin Panel in a bottom left we will see ‘Top 5 Search Terms’. The many renouned hunt term’s for your emporium are logged and ranked here. If we can see that users are acid for a sold difficulty or code wouldn’t it be cold if we could arrangement a applicable page? Click on a hunt tenure we wish to cgange and ready to be cool!

To excellent balance this hunt tenure we can use  a Synonym or a Redirect URL field.

Using a Synonym filed we can describe one hunt tenure with another. For instance if a user searches for Helmet and retrieves 200 formula and another hunt for Helmets retrieves 0 results. We can supplement Helmets as a synonym for Helmet to collect a same hunt results.

With a URL Redirect it’s flattering self explanatory. Add a full URL into a margin and instead of hunt formula for a hunt term, and a user will be redirected to a specified URL, substantially a code or difficulty page.

Here is an instance of a hunt alteration during work, before and after:

As we can see we can use a route to your advantage by adult offered a category. Also it’s a good possibility to supplement adult sells and cranky sells as well.

What if users are acid for CMS page data?  Like store opening times or store location. You can emanate your possess hunt terms. Click Catalog Search Terms in your Magento Admin Panel.Once that page has installed click Add New Search Term. You will afterwards be greeted with a same form as before reduction a hunt term. Fill in a hunt tenure we wish to excellent tune, set a synonym or URL route and save. In a next instance we wanted a hunt tenure ‘Nottingham’ (company store location) to be redirected to a stores CMS page.It’s also a good thought to perspective what your users are acid for on your website and to labour your hunt results. Order a ‘Number of Uses’ mainstay in a Magento Admin Penel Catalog – Search Terms grid to perspective a many renouned searches. From here we can start a revise routine to labour a search.

If your searches still aren’t producing a fruit we can configure how Magento searches a database from ‘like’  to a ‘fulltext’ query. For some-more fact on their differences we advise we deliberate Google as it is over a range of this post! Navigate to System – Configuration, Look on a left hand-side for Catalog and name Catalog hunt from a accordian.Experiment with a differences between a dual and see that retrieves a aloft peculiarity hunt outcome as each Magento store is different!

The Magento hunt functionality is useful for usability and SEO. Hopefully these elementary tips could urge a user compensation on your Magento e-commerce store!

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